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With bass fishing and boat building in our DNA, Veracity Marine, LLC was created to help serious anglers and boating enthusiasts find equally serious products and services. We will offer an ever-growing assortment of quality products, product reviews, tech articles, and of course our "Veracity Picks" which showcases products we've found to offer best-in-class performance, quality, or value.

We want to leverage our experience and insights to become a trusted resource that can help you make more informed purchases and have a better overall buying, owning, and on the water experience.

Our core objective is to build trust, long-term customer relationships, and repeat business; not to simply sell things. We know that once we earn that trust and show just how far we'll go to help and support our customers then the sales will come.

About Me

My name is Heath Murphy, and I am the owner and lead tech at Veracity. I am an avid bass fisherman, an electromechanical engineer, and I have always nerded-out on anything related to bass fishing, fishing tech, and performance-oriented boats.

I spent the first 15 years of my career specializing in design, implementation, and programming of electrical control systems for marine, underground, and hazardous/explosive environments. However, in 2019 I decided I was going to completely rethink my career path. I wanted to figure out a way to make a living involving my passion for bass fishing or bass boats. I had no idea how, where, or what I was going to do when I made that decision, but before the end of 2019 I had landed the lead engineering role for an iconic bass boat manufacturer.

My passion for every part of the boat building process, as well as all the components that went on the boats, resulted in me ending up with my hands in every aspect of the business. I was laying fiberglass, selecting parts, building harnesses, installing graphs and motors, answering customer calls - you name it. This end-to-end knowledge of the hands-on building process combined with my engineering and business background ultimately led to my becoming president of the company.

I absolutely loved interfacing with the customers who nearly all shared the exact same passions and interests as me. I also saw firsthand how my unique background as an engineer, boat nerd, and avid fisherman enabled me to help provide unique solutions to so many people with a wide array of boat related challenges. I knew that I wanted continue to foster that desire to use my diverse background to help people, but I wasn't sure how.

In May of 2023, after weeks of brainstorming on new business ideas with little success, I received a call from someone I had spoken with several times about props and other setup options for his boat. I actually still get a lot calls and messages like this and I honestly don't mind them at all. I'm sure there's a limit to that at some point, but I really enjoy getting a chance to just "talk boats" with folks get into this as much as I do. Anyway, as I was getting off of the phone with the gentlemen he said “You know I call you for everything because I know I can really trust you. You’re always so eager to help even when there’s nothing in it for you... You should really start a business helping people with this stuff.” That’s when the light bulb finally came on. That was the beginning of my new business - VERACITY MARINE.